Your kinesiologist in Nyon


Kinesiology is a holistic approach of the human being for all ages: from babies to great-grandparents. It needs your presence, participation and an issue/subject that you want to improve.
You will keep your clothes on throughout the session.

A kinesiology/Neuro-Training session suits people facing diverse issues:

  • health issue
  • to recover from an impactful event
  • to improve a stagnant aspect of your life

Uncomplete list of subject for which kinesiology/Neuro-Training proved itself to be great:

  • Recovery of chronic symptoms
  • Chronic pain: physical, muscular, articular
  • Fears, anxiety, timidity
  • Recover from stress or an impactful event
  • Lack of energy, of motivation, burn-out
  • Lack of self-confidence, difficulty taking decisions
  • Improving a project or stagnant aspect of your life

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