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Monday to Friday 9h - 19h

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Contact details

Daniel Spiess
Av. Alfred Cortot 5
1260 Nyon

079 661 28 02



Kinesiology and its tool, the muscle check, gives the possibility to get aware what stresses and blocks us: mentally, emotionally or physically. This blocage prevents from using our inner resources to heal, reach our desired state and enjoy life.

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Neuro-Training, developed by the australian Andrew Verity, is an approach of kinesiology in which the brain and our neurological system are the centre of what we live.

The idea with Neuro-Training is to replace these restrictive references with new references or better neurological options. This to get back vitality, recover from your issue and reach your desired state.

In my sessions, I use Neuro-Training technics to stimulate the creation of those better neurological options.

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Reiki is a palm healing method in which the practitioner becomes the channel for the universal life force. This channeled energy flows through the practitioner to the client and boosts his/her inner forces to recover from symptoms and stimulates well-being.

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Who am I?

My training as therapist in kinesiology took place at Ecole Dynamis in Lausanne. Amazed by those three years of discoveries, I decided to pursue the adventure by opening my practice in Nyon.

Since de beginning, I have become member of KineSuisse and the Association des Praticiens en Thérapie Naturelle (APTN) from which my diploma got certified and recognised. Indeed, I adhere to the ethical codes they defend and regulate: therapy's quality, respect of my client and the limitations of the therapy.

Next to the practice, I continuously broaden my knowledge in kinesiology/Neuro-Training with other courses. In addition, I am also educating myself on new methods such as Reiki Usui.


What I like with the therapy?

as client

  • I am considered as a human being in its entirety, with my background.
  • I actively participate in the therapy and contribute to the therapy's success.
  • I reach my desired state, beyond the sustainable recovery of my issue.
  • I progress and grow up during the sessions by broadening my knowledge of myself.

as therapist

  • The pleasure to observe the changes and the recovery to the desired state of my client.
  • The joy to live in a world more coherent and positive: our symptoms are here for us to learn something, to grow us up.
  • The open-mindedness by seing the diversity of my clients' lives.
  • The power of collaboration: it is together, with respect and listening that the client's desired state is reached.

Where is the practice?

    The practice is at the last house, up the stairs, first door on your right

car park
in front of the entrance

5 min from Nyon's train station
(on foot)