Your kinesiologist in Nyon


Reiki is a palm healing method in which the practitioner becomes the channel for the universal life force. This channeled energy flows through the practitioner to the client and boosts his/her inner forces to recover from symptoms and stimulates well-being.

It’s a holistic therapy that encourages physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. It brings inner peace, serenity and a clearer mind through a general body relaxation that leads to recovery.


Reiki suits all adults that seek relaxation & well-being or wishes to recover from an unpleasant state: anxiety, injuries, burn-out, sleeping disorder, emotional distress, tiredness, period of changes.

The session will be done lying on your back and you will keep your clothes on throughout the session.

Duration & parts

A session is of 1 hour and it looks like this:

 1st part

  • Welcoming
  • Introducing Reiki or reviewing the evolution since the previous session.
  • Focusing on the issue and the aim of your visit, or reviewing the desired state you want to reach.

  2nd part

  • Lay down onto the massage table
  • Channel the energy and let it focus on your needs
  • Live the moment

  3rd part

  • Feedback on the session: feelings, perceptions and experience
  • Closing and setting up for next session (admin, support activities, …)

The speed of recovery is specific to everyone. Nevertheless, plan for about 4 sessions to examine your situation from all angles and get some valuable changes. This said, some benefits already can appear after the first session. The frequency will be dependent on the urgency of your situation and your expected goals.


The session (1h) costs CHF 140.- , to be paid at the end of each session.


The session is due, for any cancellation within 24 hours (CHF 140.-)