Your kinesiologist in Nyon



Kinesiology and its tool, the muscle check, gives the possibility to get aware what stresses and blocks us: mentally, emotionally or physically. This blocage prevents from using our inner resources to heal, reach our desired state and enjoy life.

Based on traditional chinese medicine, kinesiology allows to realise & understand what is needed to get better and define the specific technics such as acupuncture points, reflex points, meridians' flow...or any other technics of the therapist to get to it.

The muscle check is a light pressure on a muscle in contraction: usually the front deltoid (arm strait with a 30° angle from the body). The result of this pressure indicates to the kinesiologist if there is a stress reaction or not.


Neuro-Training, developed by the australian Andrew Verity, is an approach of kinesiology in which the brain and our neurological system are the centre of what we live.

We are made of countless experiences, including learnings (past or inherited experiences), which our brain registered and uses as reference points to guide us in our behaviours and choices. The related behaviours and choices allow us to adapt to our environment and enjoy life.

If you suffer from a symptom (pain, unease, ...) or are unable to do as you wish (blocage), it's the sign that one of your references is not satisfied or taken into consideration. It holds you back from moving on in your life by creating pain/symptoms.

The idea with Neuro-Training is to replace these restrictive references with new references or better neurological options. This to get back vitality, recover from your issue and reach your desired state.

In my sessions, I use Neuro-Training technics to stimulate the creation of those better neurological options.


Kinesiology is a holistic approach of the human being for all age: from baby to great-grandparents. It needs your presence, participation and an issue/subject that you wish to improve.

You will keep your clothes on throughout the session.

A kinesiology/Neuro-Training session suits people facing diverse issues:

  • health issue
  • to recover from an impactful event
  • to improve a stagnant aspect of your life

Incomplete list of subject for which kinesiology/Neuro-Training proved itself to be great:

  • Chronic symptoms: muscular, joint, sleeping issues
  • Issues with respect, loneliness, malaise
  • Fears, anxiety, timidity
  • Relationship difficulty with oneself, others, authority
  • Lack of energy, of motivation, burn-out
  • Stagnation in your life (or a specific aspect), feeling that nothing is right
  • Difficulty in taking charge of your life following an event/emotional distress
  • Concerns for your future/a specific event to come, lack of self-confidence, instability
  • Difficulty taking decisions/to choose, dependency

Duration & parts

A session is of 1 hour and it looks like this:

 1st part

  • Welcoming
  • Introducing kinesiology or reviewing the evolution since the previous session.
  • Focusing on the issue and the aim of your visit, or reviewing the desired state you want to reach.

  2nd part

  • Use the muscle check
  • Realise the contexts and understand what is needed to get out of your issue.
  • Apply specific technics to recover from the stress.

  3rd part

  • Feedback on the session: feelings, perceptions and experience
  • Closing and setting up for next session (admin, support activities, …)

The speed of recovery is specific to everyone. Nevertheless, plan for about 4 sessions to examine your situation from all angles and get some valuable changes. This said, some benefits already can appear after the first session.


The kid session (1h) costs CHF 120.- and adult session (1h) CHF 140.-, to be paid at the end of each session.


The session is due, for any cancellation within 24 hours (CHF 120.- / 140.-).


My kinesiology sessions are reimbursed by the additional insurances.

the insurances affiliated to ASCA
except FKB

Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to call your insurance company and ensure that it reimburses kinesiology sessions from Daniel Spiess, before the first appointment.

Qiné cannot be blamed for the non reimbursement of a session by your insurance company. It is your responsibility to ensure that before the first appointment.